Jibun bank card application, appraisal, repayment of the flow and user reviews and testimonials [masterpieces of caching:

Self is a bank’s Internet Bank, established a joint venture with KDDI and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, au users favored interest rate loans.
Take two weeks before opening a bank account for mailing and will upload data on the Internet, at least five business days account is complete.
 Jibun Bank loans could use one day!
Anyone who wants a free account maintenance fee, so you should open now.
 Anyway, you want to rent today!
One is, please check the credit card list on the same day.
1.7% real per annum to review time – same day loans – collateral or guarantor required repayment how principal fixed repayment scheme borrowing rate will differ in the au user general user 17.4% borrowing limit up to 8 million yen.
au user if anyone is preferential interest rates if 0.1% per year interest, refinance deals, in addition to 0.5 percent.
Cannot find the reason subscribers preferential treatment to the AU user is in refinancing course free benefits, so. Usually:2.2%-17.5% (annual percentage rate) loans au limited discount course:2.1% can anyone-17.4% (annual percentage rate) loans au limited discount Refinance course:1.7%-12.5% (annual percentage rate) loans au qualified discount rate limit of the normal interest rate anyone refinance course 100000 Yen-1 million yen (refinancing course only if the limit of 1 million yen)13.0% ~ 17.5%12.9% ~ 17.4%12.5%( Only if the limit of 1 million yen) ¥ 1100000-2 million ¥ 9.0%-13.0%8.9%-12.9%8.5%-%210 120000 yen ~ 3 million yen 7.0%-9.0%6.9%-8.9%6.5%-%310 80000 Yen ~ 4 million yen 6.0 percent-7.0%5.9%-6.9% 5.5%-%410 60000 Yen-5 million ¥ 5.0%-6.0%4.9%-5.9%4.5%-%510 50000 Yen ~ 6 million yen 4.5%-5.0%4.4%-4.9%4.0%-%610 40000 Yen ~ 7 million ¥ 3.5%-4.5%3.4%-4.4%3.0%-4.0%
7100000 ¥ ~ 8 million ¥ 2.2% ~ 3.5%2.1% ~ 3.4%1.7% ~ 3.0% completed depending on financing!
Self if you have a bank account, upon contract completion is borrowing money is credited to account.
ATM fee: ¥ 0!
ATMs are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year OK!
Regardless of the opening hours (except during maintenance) the use, borrowing and repayment fee free of charge.


Those who do not pass the review of the summary loan! Review criteria and tips for passing

People must not pass debt consolidation review! People in trouble go through examination of debt consolidation? 思i当tarazu fall, at all, why I don’t know. But why not first doesn’t fall to the jury. Falls properly to the jury, I cannot lend money because there is. People who are in trouble, because it introduces tips for debt consolidation criteria and pass go through screening firm please check. You must first know about debt consolidation through the debt consolidation of basic knowledge assessment. “Sums up the debt and repayment easier.” people with much information, taking advantage of a debt consolidation, what is not often. First of all, we must know about the basics of debt consolidation. Debt consolidation is broadly the two types. And is one of only one of the loans using mortgage loans of only one of the easy to understand. Will be expanded under the trade name of debt consolidation loans. Money borrowed in a loan summary cannot be used for other purposes. It is integrated with another card. Loans are generally the funds should be used free on For this reason, low-interest bank “summary private mortgage loans are not available, so use the card summary and please” as is almost in place. The basic idea of the debt consolidation from multiple financial institutions to borrow one to reduce the monthly repayment amount, or one repayment day apart in is a feasible repayment plan. In most cases, using a debt consolidation eases the burden of repaying the debt. How to choose debt consolidation refinance loan easier than from the easy to use debt consolidation and debt repayment difficult. You must select each financial product, we consider and use debt consolidation refinancing and consolidation on. When points are as follows. -Interest rates is that the interest rates will be lower than the current, monthly repayment amount most want to emphasize. When debt consolidation low interest rates, lower the repayment becomes advantageous. If you use debt consolidation basically longer repayment period for the same interest rates before and after the summary the summary as a result incurs a total repayment amount.However, the lower the interest rate review is becoming tighter. Many jumped at the low rates and as a result, examination-deficient people. One more thing to note is a monthly repayment amount. That is set to not overdo it on the problem that this is good or less good but not thought about their own lives, payment becomes important. So far in the four monthly 60000 Yen to repay was. But when it comes to 10000 Yen monthly repayment is no doubt easier repayment period long stress becomes too much bloat the total repayment amount, burdened with debt for a long period of time by. Choose a debt consolidation mortgage that suits them. Debt consolidation criteria it introduces criteria for debt consolidation then. Passing to the examination that meets the criteria first, let’s check. Introduces the important things on here, but there are a number of items that are checked in the examination. , Income, employment, seniority, number of borrowing and total other loans and personal credit information to other detailed examination items there are six points above isn’t much without question examination to drop like that. Low income is nice, but important to balance against third-party debt amount (amount of your summary). More likely to examination fell compared to the income total other loans is too large. Think of pretty tough, but there is no clear standard of 1/2 or more of salary debts summary of examination. On the basis of whether or not the business is stable and be able to repay. Because denial of the people with higher social status, such as civil servants and some listed companies in the examination will be in favor. Business owners opposed to unstable revenue and “freeters” strict examination. Length of service is more important than it. Getting hired if you worked for more than a year with no problem, but will be less Street review is the people, and who has changed jobs. There are few lenders over-indebted people (five with borderline) and personal credit information is faulty, so called black list those who will to examination fell almost. Application note point summary loan application is easy. And you can apply so easily, but I do know people who have already experienced the jury fell may be surprised. However it’s easy because the firm should be.Review on the right to the number of borrowing less to have to declare the total amount of borrowings and loans number of looks on the financial side, so unqualified declaration of lies is 100%. Check you know Declaration be nice to think that filing on paper is screening “or”good debt that grasp. And included wrong information as people do not understand the debt be negative in the examination. ◆ to prove license for identification and income documents submitted will be aligned properly so that is not may be, income proof documents, stock up on stage to sign up. Because the different documents required by financial institutions check in advance is required. So while others fill the photo of my copy of the driving license for identification, but it is not so much a case sometimes. What identification documents do not know. Sure, so often that it not match the license with current address as an exception, such as little Miss. Is debt consolidation review easy street Not sure as it borrowed? Debt consolidation different ease of borrowing by the borrowing financial institutions and instruments. Provides information about easy street review here is what financial institutions. ◆ review of debt consolidation and consumer credit examination is sweeter than Bank Street one of the ease of use advisories were interest rates. Generally lower interest rates and higher interest rates on consumer loans. I think than banks sweet examination of consumer finance and debt summary becomes easier. Characterized by a generally difficult as bank loan review, not just debt consolidation. It is recommended to take debt consolidation consumer review fell into debt consolidation Bank,. → ◆ loans than in summary loan loan debt consolidation and debt consolidation-only summary, is a software-only summary examination conduit will. May swell up debt because it can also be used for other purposes than to apply for debt consolidation loans is free to use, so the higher examination. Incidentally debt consolidation than credit caching is examination conduit will be for a small summary, let’s consider caching.Please arrange the environment then debt consolidation review easy-to-pass. -Rent at easy Street to financial institutions and employees to take more than a year, will be important to first of all as a basic premise, the blacklist and not that the number of loans to four companies following. Try to check whether your are into black list Fushi hit people is to contact your credit information agencies. You may later applied for a debt consolidation for querying the credit information, and history of Dutch financial institutions and referral timing. Could pass screening and referral history is often careful timing of referral credit. It is interest-bearing low interest, so that in passing the examination above bank debt consolidation consumer loans by refinancing debt, not to unify. Choose a financial institution because it can’t simply be borrow low interest rates are attractive, easy-to-use first. Seniority is important. After few months seniority year be like till debt consolidation review of wait. Try to wait because it might change the results in just a few months, so that within a few months. Saying it’s debt consolidation, many companies still won’t be together. Try using may be judged if you owe more than 5 people with multiple debts and pay off the lenders count to 4 or less. Also the financing exceeds the total pollutant load control possible? It is that whether or not able to put together your debt when debt consolidation simply exceeds the total pollutant load control. Actually most of the debt consolidation has “can be organized also total regulation or debts”. Product introduction site appeal. It is a total regulation and only up to 1/3 of the annual salary to lend money is not a regulation. Point is the total amount of money borrowed from consumer loans and credit, rather than one 1/3 until 1/3 of the annual salary. However, borrowing from the Bank not included in the total pollutant load control. And you can rent debts exceeded total debt consolidation will be excluded from the total pollutant load control, so no problem. However, would hire a little hurdle is higher. It is because it is in the total pollutant load control borrow only up to 1/3 of the annual salary of is in critical condition, it over debt.Therefore, 1/3 or more of annual income exceeds the total pollutant load control summary consider tighter screening. Consider the favorable conditions of employment is stable does not mean of course not borrowed, but people should be easy to not pass examination. → relationship between debt consolidation and total control? Get the following examination in which a financial institution who fell into the debt consolidation review recommendations summary loan 1 degree to those who pass the examination are very important to make it work. Provides debt consolidation could pass inspection even fell in the examination again here. ◆ promise together loan borrowing limits: If there want to combine maximum 3 million yen debt consolidation real annual interest rate:6.3~17.8% promise the highest interest rate increases, the amount is set to lower interest rates, so Depending on the amount of usage would preferentially use you want to put together your loan. ◆ AIFUL Corporation debt consolidation “summary MAX”: borrowing limits up to 5 million yen real annual interest rate: 12 to include debt consolidation of ACOM 15% minimum interest rate is high. Because of this you will be losing when you put together debt millions of yen, but high interest rates are low for 1 million yen debt summary and want to lower interest rates because of small summary on is recommended. ◆ ACOM combined loan borrowing limits: maximum 3 million yen debt consolidation of ACOM real annual interest rate:7.7~18% best interest rates are at the lowest interest rates exceptionally low do not. However, people are uncomfortable examining Mitsubishi UFJ financial group in a sense of security, so is our recommended debt consolidation. [Rakuten Bank Super loan borrowing limits: simply is basically what to debt consolidation in the consumer finance people falling to the examination up to 5 million yen real annual interest rate:4.9~14.5% once, but is still high interest rates. Once again if you want to take advantage of the low-interest bank loans, banks, not like Rakuten Bank banking under review for let. When I reviewed does not pass? If you do not pass to an examination of the debt consolidation or consumer finance. Will most likely not borrowed in consumer finance and indeed borrow at other financial institutions. In small amounts it is caching may not use way. But to borrow from illegal financial institutions and from borrow from anywhere, such as gold you should avoid.
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